Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Reasons Why Forex Trading Is Better Than Stocks Or Futures

3 Reasons Why Forex Trading Is Better Than Stocks Or Futures
Low Account Start Up And Maintenance Account Balance
Forex trading allows traders to start with a smaller trading capital than in any other markets. In fact, there is one forex trading platform which has only a $50 minimum account size (you can find their link at the bottom of the page). Another nice feature is that they have no minimum trade size. That type of flexibility opens the door to practically anyone who wants to check out forex trading. This isn't to say that all brokers are that flexible.
Perpetual Motion
What is really nice in forex trading is that there's always something moving. There are a bunch of primary currencies interacting, each of which is constantly interfacing with all of the others. The other markets certainly cannot make this boast.
Trade on Your Schedule
The stock market is available for a little over 6 hours a day and that is it but the forex trading market is running 24 hours a day. How is that for convenient? As a trader you can wake up at 3:00a.m and make a trade or when you get back from the movies, etc.. This opens up the market to people that otherwise would not have the time to do so. The market is never really closed, it is very convenient.
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